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        These awful creatures have ruined too many households. They just won't let you sleep. We understand that this is a serious issue and needs to be addressed as soon as it is discovered. Unfortunately these bloodsuckers are popular right now. When they bite, they are not good company. That's because bed bugs pose problems for millions of Americans, yet they're only the size of an apple seed.

What are Bed Bugs?

The frightening thing about bed bugs is that they oftentimes feed on hosts, similar to ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. The difference is they live in your home and will not leave. They are known to be one of the hardest pest to exterminate. The host can potentially be you and me - without being detected right away. In fact, bed bugs are one of the few parasitic insects out there today that exclusively feed on blood.

The reason that bed bugs prefer calling mattresses, couches, and other fabric furniture home is that bed bugs like warm environments with plenty of shade. Bud bugs are for the most part nocturnal insects that do their dirty work late at night. This is why detecting bed bugs (and proper furniture disposal) are so important.

Detecting bed bugs, though, might be harder than it first seems. Bed bugs are tiny, brown insects that have relatively flat bodies.

This next detail might be a little alarming , but when bed bugs feed on their hosts their bodies swell from brown and flat to red and round. And you wonder why homeowners and hotel goers worry about bed bugs!

Bed bugs have rightfully earned the name "pests," although they're not known to spread any diseases. Another common misconception about bed bugs is that they're only found in hovels and dirtier homes; bed bugs, in fact, can be found in very clean hotels and spotless homes alike because these pests feed on blood and aren't too picky about your home's upkeep or decor.

How Bed Bugs Stay Alive?

How do bed bugs get into your home and how do they survive once there? Bed bugs often come into homes through clothing, luggage or furniture.

Bed bugs can sneak into your home and lie low once they're in. This is because bed bugs can skitter from one place to another and remain undetected since their flat bodies can wiggle through very tiny crevices. Bed bugs could, indeed, be hiding in your bed frame or box springs in large numbers.

As bed bugs normally only go on the move during the night, detecting them can be a challenge. That said, you'll definitely want to consider safe, professional junk, mattress, and furniture disposal if bed bugs have ensconced themselves in your home. Remember that bed bugs like warm, dark places and often bide their time before wreaking havoc. They will lay eggs in different parts of your home and will make it very hard to completely remove ever last one. Before and after your bed bug Junk Removal are both perfect times to have an exterminator spray and/or steam your home.

We can certainly help with the removal of the bed bugs furniture home in Sacramento Valley, Davis all the way up to the bay area. Our teams would suit up and remove any bug ridden items you may have. Call for our bed bug Junk Removal rates as they can vary and are different than our standard rates as there are many more steps in this process of removal. Call or text (916)273-2110 


Bed Bug Junk Removal