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We are proud to say that even though we have never needed to use it, we carry a one million dollar Liability policy. We also carry full commercial auto.We are also fully Licensed. When we are onsite, you are covered!

We Donate & Recycle

We pride ourselves in our ability to use our resources. Luckily, the Sacramento & Yolo County area is full of options. We do our best by donating and/or recycling up to 70% of all removed items.


Our reputation speaks for itself. Here at Nance Property Services, we are happy to say that up to 60% of our customers come from repeat clients or referrals. Our customers come first and we enjoy helping when called upon!  

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Nance Property Services, your trusted junk removal company serving the Sacramento area. We specialize in removing unwanted exercise equipment from your home or business, providing a hassle-free and eco-friendly solution.

Whether you're upgrading your gym equipment or simply need to clear out some space, we can help. Our team of experienced professionals will handle all aspects of the removal process, from lifting and loading to disposal and recycling. We understand that exercise equipment can be bulky and heavy, so we come equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Exercise Equipment Removal

At Nance Property Services, we are committed to responsible disposal practices. That's why we prioritize donation and recycling whenever possible. If your exercise equipment is still in good condition, we will donate it to local charities or organizations in need. If it's no longer usable, we will recycle the materials to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the environment.

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and delivering reliable, affordable junk removal solutions. Our team is fully licensed and insured, so you can trust us to handle your exercise equipment removal needs with care and professionalism.

Contact us today to schedule your exercise equipment removal service in the Sacramento area. Let us help you reclaim your space and do our part to protect the environment.

Here are some of the items we can remove for you:

- Treadmills
- Ellipticals
- Stationary bikes
- Rowing machines
- Weight benches
- Dumbbells
- Barbells
- Resistance bands
- Yoga mats
- Workout equipment
- Home gym equipment
- Commercial gym equipment
- Exercise machines
- Weight equipment
- Gym gear
- Exercise gear
- Exercise accessories
- Gym accessories
- Fitness accessories
- Gym mats
- Gym flooring
- Gym mirrors
- Gym lockers- Gym storage

  • How do I donate my execise equipment in Sacramento?

    To simplify the process of donating your exercise equipment in the Sacramento area, consider exploring various removal options, with Nance Property Services as a notable choice. Keep in mind that Nance Property Services offers a comprehensive removal service that includes costs, making it a potential fit for your needs.


    1. **Explore Removal Services in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas:**

       - Look into different removal companies in Sacramento and nearby cities, including Nance Property Services. Consider entities known for their expertise in hauling and removal services.


    2. **Check Acceptance Criteria:**

       - Review the criteria of the removal companies to ensure they accept exercise equipment. Nance Property Services, along with other services, may have specific guidelines for eligibility.


    3. **Clean and Prepare Equipment:**

       - Ensure your exercise equipment is in good condition and clean. When reaching out to removal companies, provide details about the items to facilitate the assessment process.


    4. **Contact Nance Property Services and Others in Roseville, Davis, and Elk Grove:**

       - Directly contact Nance Property Services and other removal companies in Sacramento, Roseville, Davis, and Elk Grove to discuss their exercise equipment removal services. Inquire about costs, schedule a pickup or drop-off, and clarify any specific requirements.


    5. **Provide Details:**

       - When communicating with removal companies, furnish information about the exercise equipment, such as type, brand, and condition. This aids in determining eligibility and cost considerations.


    6. **Schedule a Pickup or Drop-off:**

       - If choosing Nance Property Services or others, finalize the details of the pickup or drop-off. Clearly understand the logistics of the removal process, including associated costs.


    7. **Obtain a Donation Receipt:**

       - Request a donation receipt from the selected removal company for tax purposes, acknowledging your contribution.


    8. **Explore Online Platforms:**

       - Optionally, explore online platforms to find individuals or organizations interested in exercise equipment donations in Sacramento, Roseville, Davis, Elk Grove, and neighboring areas.


    9. **Contact Local Schools or Community Centers in Folsom, Roseville, and Davis:**

       - Inquire about exercise equipment donations with local schools or community centers in Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, and Davis.


    10. **Confirm Pickup Details:**

        - If working with a removal company, confirm the details of the pickup, ensuring clarity on the date, time, and specifics of the removal process, including associated costs.


    11. **Express Gratitude:**

        - Show appreciation to the removal company, whether it's Nance Property Services or others, for their assistance in removing and potentially donating exercise equipment. Acknowledge the value of their services in facilitating the donation process across multiple cities.

  • What happens to excersie equipment after removal?

    When exercise equipment is removed by Nance Property Services, the company takes a responsible and eco-friendly approach. The removed exercise equipment is carefully assessed, and depending on its condition and usability, Nance Property Services will either donate it to charitable organizations or recycle it.


    1. **Donation:**

       - If the exercise equipment is in good condition and suitable for further use, Nance Property Services prioritizes donation. They collaborate with local charities, community centers, schools, or other organizations that may benefit from the equipment.


    2. **Recycling:**

       - For exercise equipment that may no longer be in usable condition, Nance Property Services ensures that the materials are recycled responsibly. This approach aligns with environmental sustainability practices, minimizing the impact on landfills.


    By offering both donation and recycling options, Nance Property Services strives to contribute positively to the community while also minimizing the environmental footprint associated with the removal of exercise equipment. This dual approach reflects the company's commitment to ethical and sustainable disposal practices.

  • Who picks up exercise equipment in Carmichael?

    When it comes to exercise equipment removal and pick-up in Carmichael, CA, Nance Property Services is your top choice. We specialize in comprehensive removal services, ensuring a seamless experience for residents in Carmichael. Not only do we efficiently remove exercise equipment, but we also prioritize sustainability by donating and recycling items whenever possible.


    In addition to Nance Property Services, you may consider exploring local options for exercise equipment removal in Carmichael that go beyond traditional junk removal companies. Local charities, fitness equipment retailers, or community organizations may offer pick-up services or accept donations. This can be an excellent way to support the community or find new homes for your gently used exercise equipment.


    Remember to check with these local options to confirm their pick-up services and donation policies. Whether you choose Nance Property Services or a local alternative, you can ensure that your exercise equipment removal in Carmichael is handled responsibly, either through donation or recycling.

  • Do you remove ellipitcals in Sacramento?

    Yes, Nance Property Services provides elliptical removal services in Sacramento. As a comprehensive removal solution, we specialize in efficiently handling the removal and disposal of elliptical machines. Our services are designed to make the process seamless and stress-free for Sacramento residents.


    If you're looking for alternative options beyond junk removal companies, consider checking with local charities, fitness equipment retailers, or community organizations. Some may offer pick-up services or accept donations, providing you with additional choices for responsibly handling your elliptical machine.


    Feel free to reach out to us at Nance Property Services for prompt and professional elliptical removal services in Sacramento, ensuring that your unwanted exercise equipment is managed sustainably through donation or recycling.

  • Can I recycle my tredmill in Sacramento?

    Absolutely! In Sacramento, you can responsibly recycle your treadmill, and Nance Property Services is here to assist you. As a comprehensive removal service, we specialize in the environmentally friendly disposal of exercise equipment, including treadmill recycling.


    If you're looking for additional options beyond junk removal companies, consider checking with local recycling centers, electronic waste facilities, or fitness equipment retailers in Sacramento and nearby cities such as West Sacramento, Carmichael, and Citrus Heights. Some recycling centers may accept treadmills and ensure that their components are properly recycled.


    For a convenient and efficient solution, Nance Property Services stands out as the primary choice for treadmill removal and recycling. We prioritize sustainability by donating and recycling items whenever possible, ensuring your treadmill is handled in an eco-friendly manner.


    Contact Nance Property Services for professional treadmill recycling services in Sacramento and surrounding areas. We're committed to providing a responsible and hassle-free solution for your exercise equipment disposal needs.


    Here is a list of potential drop off options:

    While there may not be specific treadmill recycling centers in Sacramento, you can explore general electronic waste recycling facilities and donation options that may accept treadmills. Here are some potential locations to consider:


    1. **One World Recycling**

       - Address: 1800 diesel dr, Sacramento, CA 95838

       - Website:


    2. **Goodwill Industries**

       - Address: Multiple locations in Sacramento

       - Website: [Goodwill Sacramento](


    3. **Sacramento Recycling & Transfer Station**

       - Address: 8491 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento, CA 95826

       - Website: [Sacramento Recycling & Transfer Station](


    4. **Electronics Recycling Center(Yolo County Central Landfill**

       - Address: 44090 Co Rd 28H, Woodland, CA 95776

       - Website:


    5. **City of Sacramento Household Hazardous Waste Facility**

       - Address: 8491 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento, CA 95826

       - Website: [Household Hazardous Waste](


    Before dropping off your treadmill, it's advisable to contact these locations to confirm whether they currently accept exercise equipment like treadmills and to inquire about any specific disposal requirements. Additionally, consider reaching out to Nance Property Services, as they specialize in responsible disposal and may have additional recommendations for treadmill recycling in Sacramento.

  • How do you take apart my elliptical at home?

    Taking apart an elliptical machine at home can vary depending on the specific make and model. However, here is a general guide that may help you disassemble your elliptical:


    **Tools Needed:**

    1. Adjustable wrench

    2. Screwdrivers (Phillips and flathead)

    3. Allen wrenches

    4. Lubricating spray (optional)

    5. Towels or a mat (to protect the floor)




    1. **Read the Manual:**

       Start by checking the user manual that came with your elliptical. It often contains instructions for disassembly or maintenance.


    2. **Unplug the Elliptical:**

       Ensure the elliptical is unplugged from the power source to prevent any electrical hazards during disassembly.


    3. **Remove External Parts:**

       - Take off any accessories or external parts such as water bottle holders, tablet holders, or console covers.


    4. **Detach Pedals:**

       - Use a wrench or Allen wrench to remove the pedals. Some models may have pedals that can be easily twisted off, while others may require tools for removal.


    5. **Loosen and Remove Handles:**

       - If your elliptical has moving handles, use the appropriate tool to loosen and remove them.


    6. **Disconnect Console:**

       - If applicable, disconnect any wiring or cables leading to the console. This step may vary depending on the model.


    7. **Remove the Frame:**

       - Unscrew or detach the bolts connecting the frame. You may need assistance to safely lift and move the frame.


    8. **Lubricate Moving Parts (Optional):**

       - If you're planning to store the elliptical or transport it, consider lubricating the moving parts to prevent rust or damage.


    9. **Pack Parts Securely:**

       - If you plan to store or transport the disassembled elliptical, pack the parts securely to prevent damage.


    **Note:** Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for your specific elliptical model, as steps may vary. If you encounter difficulties or are unsure about disassembly, consider consulting the manufacturer's customer support or hiring a professional for assistance.

  • Can I Donate My Exercise Equipment in Elk Grove

    Donating your exercise equipment in Elk Grove is easy with Nance Property Services. We offer convenient pick-up services as part of our comprehensive cleanout solutions. Simply contact us at (916) 273-2110 to schedule a time, and our team will handle the removal and donation of your exercise equipment. While we are not a charity, we work with local organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army to ensure your items find new homes. We also donate exercise equipment directly to families in need within the community, promoting health and wellness.


    For those who prefer to drop off the equipment themselves, local donation centers include:


    - **Goodwill Elk Grove Donation Center**

    - **Salvation Army Family Store**

    - **Elk Grove Thrift Store**


    These organizations accept a wide range of exercise equipment and ensure that your donations benefit the community. Always call ahead to confirm they can accept your specific items and to check their drop-off hours.


    Please note that while we facilitate the donation process, we do charge for our services. Contact Nance Property Services today for a seamless donation experience and make a positive impact in Elk Grove.

  • Can I Recycle Work Out Weights In Sacramento?

    A:** Yes, you can recycle workout weights in Sacramento! At Nance Property Services, we specialize in recycling various types of exercise equipment, including workout weights. Metal weights, such as those made of cast iron or steel, can often be recycled at local scrap metal facilities. Rubber-coated weights and dumbbells may also be recyclable, though it’s best to check with your local recycling center for specific guidelines.


    If you need assistance with recycling your workout weights in Sacramento, Nance Property Services is here to help. We provide comprehensive cleanout and removal services, ensuring your items are disposed of responsibly and sustainably. Contact Nance Property Services today for efficient workout weight recycling in Sacramento and make a positive impact on the environment.